Q: Where are the bathrooms?

A: There are men’s and women’s bathrooms on the ground level of the WSM in the middle of the market on the east side. There are also 4 Porta Potties on west side of the WSM, near the parking lot entrance and next to the Rail Trail.

Registration and Fees

Q: What time does day-of registration start/end?

A: Day of Registration starts at 8 AM and ends at 9:25 AM.
You can also register online.

Q: Where can I register?

A: Registration is in the upper parking lot. If you have not yet registered, look for signs that say, “Day Of Registration.”

Q: I registered online or I faxed or mailed in my entry by 10/31. Where do I get my t-shirt?

A: Wednesday before Thanksgiving you can pick up your T-shirts at the Jewish Community Center on North Chestnut Street between 12 and 6pm or Thanksgiving morning T-shirts are being given out at the Pre-Registration table in the upper parking lot.

Q: Why don’t I get a t-shirt?

A: Anyone who registered by 10/31 got a free t-shirt. Next year, if you register early enough, you will get a free t-shirt too. The early deadline is necessary because we need time to order, design and deliver the finished shirts before race day.

Q: Can I buy a t-shirt if I miss the deadline?

A: Yes, but stock will be limited, so it’s first come first serve.

Mashed Potato Kids Fun Run

Q: What is the Mashed Potato run ? Who can run in it?

A: The Mashed Potato run is about a 1/2 mile long and it is for kids 12 and under.

Q: What time is the Mashed Potato run?

A: The Mashed Potato run starts at 9 AM

Q: Will there be results for the Mashed Potato?

A: No. The Mashed Potato is just a fun run. Everyone is a winner!

Q: How much does the Mashed Potato run cost?

A: It is free.

Q: Do Mashed Potato runners get a free t-shirt?

A: No, unless you paid $15 extra by the 10/31 deadline. If you did, you can pick up the t-shirt at the Pre-registration table in the upper parking lot. All Mashed Potato entrants receive a small treat at the finish.

Q: What is the Mashed Potato run course?

A: It is an out and back course on the rail trail. It starts right at the entrance to the rail trail by the WSM and goes down to Plains Road. Then the kids turn around and run back.

Q: Can I run with my child?

A: Yes.

Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk

Q: What time does the Turkey Trot 5K run/walk start?

A: The Chip-Timed 5k Race – USATF Certified Course starts at 9:30 AM

Q: Where is the start?

A: The Turkey Trot starts at the 4-way intersection on Water Street and Plains Road. Click here for a map.

Q: What is the Turkey Trot Course?

A: The Turkey Trot starts by running out Plains Road all the way to the end. At the water stop, which is at the end of Plains Road, you will make a sharp left onto the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail and run all the way back to the Water Street Market. Click here for Course Map.

Q: Is the course hilly or flat?

A: This is a very flat course. There is one small rise on Plains Road and other than that, it is totally flat.

Q: How far is the Turkey Trot?

A: The USATF Certified Course is 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles.

Q: Where is the water stop?

A: There will be a water stop about 1/2 way through the run/walk, at the end of Plains Road, before you get onto the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail.

Q: Will the roads be closed during the race?

A: No. The NP Police will not be at the event and the roads remain open, however, volunteers will be out on the course holding up traffic where necessary. With 1,000+ people potentially on the road it will be difficult for cars to get through.


Q: The nearby parking lots are getting full. I have some other friends/family coming to the event this morning. Where can I tell them to park?

A: The following lots are available for parking (click here for a map):

-New Paltz Post office municipal lot

-Rock & Snow parking lot

-La Stazione parking lot

-Gilded Otter Brewery parking lot

-New Paltz municipal lot behind Starbucks (across from P&Gs)

-New Paltz municipal lot behind Main Street Bistro

-Park & Ride Lot across from Stewart’s Shop on Rt. 32 North

Family of New Paltz

Q: Where does the $$ raised today go?

A: “Family” is a crisis intervention center located in the heart of New Paltz since 1975. Family provides a myriad of needed services, including a 24-hour hotline, counseling, support groups, shelters and a food pantry. The food pantry served more than 1,000 families last year. Your donation will help Family provide more food to hungry area residents.

Dogs and Strollers

Q: Are baby strollers welcome?

A: Baby strollers are welcome, as long as the stroller is sturdy enough to go on the rail trail and you start the Turkey Trot in the back so you do not get in the runners way.

Q: Are dogs welcome?

A: Unfortunately, no. A few years ago a dog bit a runner, so we can no longer welcome dogs at this event.

Other Stuff

Q: Is there a secure place where I can leave my bag, jacket, etc

A: No. Please leave your things in your car.

Q: Will police be present during the event?

A: No, but volunteers will be out on the road holding up traffic where necessary.

Q: What emergency plans are in place should someone need medical attention?

A: NP Rescue Squad will be at the event, barring any unforeseen emergencies that would pull them away to assist others. Additionally, a first-aid kit will be available at the day-of registration tables.

Q: What time is this thing over?

A: We are usually cleaned up and out of here by 11 AM. Runners/walkers are usually gone earlier than that?

Q: Do you need volunteers, can I help out?

A: We always appreciate people who pitch in and help. You can see if they need help at the finish line and/or help set up the food one the run begins.

Q: I want to sponsor the Turkey Trot next year, what should I do?

A: To sponsor the Turkey Trot, email turkeytrot@familyofwoodstockinc.org and a member of our planning committee will contact you to discuss details.